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1. Shipping Cost FAQ
2. Delivery FAQ
3. Returns FAQ
4. Equipment FAQ
5. Payment FAQ

Shipping Cost FAQ

Q. How much is UK delivery ?
A. Small Items from £1.95 for Royal Mail / to £6.00 for Parcelforce tracked service
A. Larger items up to 25 kg in total £6.00 for Parcelforce tracked service.
Q. I am overseas how much is delivery?
A. This depends on your location, the size / weight of the parcel involved and your preferred delivery service. The more expensive options are for fully tracked and insured services. These are guide prices and will be confirmed at the checkout before you need to commit to placing your order.
Cricket Bat
to Europe £18.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP / Worldwide £29.00 GBP - £47.00 GBP
Cricket Shoes
to Europe £18.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP / Worldwide £29.00 GBP - £38.00 GBP
Batting / Keeping Gloves
to Europe £9.00 GBP - £25.00 GBP / Worldwide £12.00 GBP - £39.00 GBP
Batting / Keeping Pads
to Europe £19.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP / Worldwide £29.00 GBP - £46.00 GBP
to Europe £12.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP / Worldwide £18.00 GBP - £38.00 GBP
Med sized Kit Bag
to Europe £22.00 GBP - £25.00 GBP / Worldwide £50.00 GBP - £60.00 GBP
Large sized Kit Bag
to Europe £20.00 GBP - £25.00 GBP / Worldwide £60.00 GBP - £70.00 GBP
Shirt or Trousers
to Europe £9.00 GBP - £22.00 GBP / Worldwide £12.00 GBP - £21.00 GBP

Delivery FAQ

Q. Who will deliver my parcel?
A. We use various couriers depending on the item you have ordered, this is usually Royal Mail or ParcelForce and if required you can check this by e-mailing our customer service department. However, this information will be included in your "order dispatched" e-mail.
Q. How long does it take for my order to be dispatched.
A. For items showing current "Now and Available" tags please allow up to 3-5 working days for dispatch of your order. In reality 95% of all orders are dispatched within 48 hours.
Q. How long does delivery take after dispatch dispatch?
A. With Royal Mail please allow 3-4 days after dispatch and with Parcelforce expect delivery the next weekday after dispatch. Orders outside of the UK vary and depend on the shipping method used. As a guide Royal Mail Air Mail takes up to 7 working days within Europe and 14 working days Worldwide. Parcel Force Global services take approx 3 working days within
Europe and 7 working days Worldwide. All Parcelforce deliveries are trackable and your parcel tracking No will be e-mailed to you on dispatch.
Q. .Where is my order?
A. Depending on the item, chosen shipping method and time of year it may take up to 10 working days for your item to be delivered, please e-mail customer services to track the whereabouts of your order.
Q. Can I nominate a date or time for delivery?
A. Unfortunately we cannot specify a delivery time for orders due to the different couriers and services we presently use.
Q. What if I am out when the courier tries to deliver?
A. If you are not in when the goods are delivered, the driver will leave a card through your door. If the goods have been sent via courier eg Parcel Force, you can call them and arrange a re-delivery. For items despatched via Royal Mail, the goods will have been taken to your local post office with instructions how to collect them on the card.
Q. Can I send the goods to a different address?
A. We understand it’s not always convenient to have goods delivered to your home address, we can deliver to a work address if the details are verified by our Fraud prevention team. This address can be specified when placing your order on the website. Unfortunately we can only deliver to a place of work, or the card holders registered address. Orders placed for delivery to other addresses will not be accepted and for orders for delivery outside the UK we are only able to deliver to the card billing address.
Q. What happens if I don’t receive my order on time?
A. We will do all we can to locate it for you - please e-mail our customer services team who will investigate why your order has not been delivered and we will do our best to resolve any problems for you.

Returns FAQ

Q. What is your return policy?
A. You can return goods to us up to 14 days after receiving them, unworn / unused and in the original box / pacakging please .This can be either for refund or exchange - please complete and return the Goods Return Note enclosed with your order when returning goods.
Q. How much does it cost to return the goods?
A. Due to our low postage and packaging rate we are not able to offer free returns to our customers. Cost will depend on the weight and size of the return parcel. Please ask your local P.O for details and follow the advice on the Goods Return Note.

Equipment FAQ

Q. If a bat is classed as Pre - Prepared or Knocked in is it ready to play with ?
A. No, this means that they it is part prepared in the factory, including oiling, pressing under a roller and some hand mallet knocking in. We, along with the bat manufacturer still recommend some further knocking in with a bat mallet around the perimeter of the face of the bat and some gentle net practice against an older, softer cricket ball before full match use.
Where applicable products may have the following information in the description...
KNOCKED IN - if noted YES then the bat is fully factory prepared, with only gentle net practice required prior to match use. Where a bat is described as PART this means that it has been pre-prepared in the factory but is NOT ready to play. In this instance please use the About Bats link at the top of each page for advice and notes on the "Knocking In" procedure.
PRE PREPARED - part prepared by the manufacturer, including oiling and additional pressing under a factory roller. These bats are not fully prepared and are not ready to play. Please use the About Cricket Bats link at the bottom of each page for advice and notes on the "Knocking In" procedure you need to carry out prior to use.
READY TO PLAY - whilst this does mean the bat can be played with right away please see our note below as we believe the more you prepare and look after your bat the better it will serve you in terms of performance and lifespan.
Q. Do I have to order RH (right handed player) and LH (left handed player) batting pads and gloves separately ?
A. No - all batting pads and gloves are sold in pairs. Some are ambidextrous and suit both styles of batting, but just like shoes, they are always sold in pairs.
Q. How do I tell if I want RH (right handed player) or LH (left handed player) equipment ?
A. You need to know how the player stands when facing the bowler. If their left shoulder is facing the bowler the player is classed as a right hander and vice-versa.

Payment FAQ

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A. You can pay by a number of different methods, the easiest is to pay by credit / debit card or PayPal. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Solo and Electron.
Q. Can I pay with American Express?
A. Unfortunately we do not accept American Express at this time. Please use one of the payment methods listed above.
Q. What currency are your prices in?
A. As a UK company, all our products are listed in pounds sterling (GBP). Your card will be charged the amount in sterling which will be converted back into your local currency by your bank / card provider .Your card issuer may be able to help you with more information as to their charges and the cost of the purchase.
Q. Can I pay in US Dollars?
A. Sorry No, all purchases are made in GBP and we do not accept any other currency for payment.
Q. When will I be charged for my order?
A. For credit / debit card purchases, we will charge your card when the items are ordered. If paying by PayPal you account will also be debited at time of ordering.
Q. My items are out of stock, do I get a refund?
A. Yes all non dispatched or cancelled items will be refunded.

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